‘Are We Lost Mammals’ just dropped on Brainfeeder!

Posted in Releases by strangelooptv on July 2, 2009
click to buy on iTunes

click to buy on iTunes

“Epic.” -Flying Lotus

“absolutely stunning…-Mary Anne Hobbes, BBC

“Big up! Kid is loopy!” – Sam XL

“absolutely mentaaaal, beautifully nuts, brings me back to the squarepusher days” -DJ Simbad

“Okay, so after watching the [promo] video for like the hundredth time, I must say it is unbelievably good” -Daddy Kev

“Amazing. Genius.” -Kid Kameleon

“This is over 15 minutes long and a real journey into the weird and wonderful world of Dr Strangeloop. You might know him as the visuals man behind some of the superb Brainfeeder events but his producer skills haven’t had any previous outings. This EP proves that some artists are just artists, regardless of the medium they use, Dr Strangeloop is one of them.” -Bleep

“The mysterious Dr Strangeloop met Brainfeeder label boss Flying Lotus back in their days at the Academy Of Arts in San Francisco, where they bonded over an appreciation of avant-garde film and obscure electronic music. Having taken to VJing as an outlet for his love of abstract visuals, Strangeloop’s work has accompanied live sets by the various members of the Brainfeeder roster such as FLying Lotus himself, Samiyam, The Gaslamp Killer and other beat makers like Kode 9, Joker and Dorian Concept. Now with this eighteen-minute splurge of sound, Strangeloop showcases his music production skills, and true to the art of VJing it’s a versatile, freeform stream of different narrative subsections and episodes. Rather than trying to compete in the heaviness stakes with his labelmates, there’s a fluctuating, filmic quality to Strangeloop’s music: scratchy old piano recordings instill a sense of minor key melodrama in the piece while noisy electronic tones and thumb piano twangs snake around the mix forming clusters of melody, but the most surprising constituent in this soupy barrage would be the drums. Beats dissolve into the production with a thrashy finesse, contributing to a mood that’s comparable with the free-thinking hip hop variants of Four Tet or Dosh. Ace.” -Boomkat