Strangeloop has performed live_visuals with such artists as :


Flying LotusDaedelusKode 9Hudson Mohawk Gas Lamp Killer

Mary Anne Hobbs Edit16-BitEmalkayDorian ConceptSkream

Ras G Nosaj ThingSamiyamN-Type 6 BloccKutzKutmah

Ravi Coltrane Austin PeraltaMonopolyTeebsShlohmo

King BritTipperFreq Nasty MartynSam XL Jo666er

BreakageMatthewDavidMRK1 and many  many more …

Strangeloop is the resident VJ for PUREFILTH / BASSFACE and
BRAINFEEDER. Collaborations have included : WARP RECORDS, DUBLAB, IAMALASER,
2010 : audio-visual set @ BASSFACE JUN
2010 : audio-visual set / visuals @ STRANGE UTOPIA TOUR (with TEEBS, SHLOHMO, and TIMEBOY)
performances at Dublab, Low End Theory, So Simple Radio, Milk Bar in SF (with Eskmo),
Soda Bar in San Diego (with RAS G), Pan Berbati’s in Portland (with NICO LUMINOUS),
Oasis in Oakland (with FLUORESCENT FRAY), Chop Suey in Seattle (with SPLATINUM),
Jambalaya in Arcata (with TAKE), Santa Cruz and more.
2010 : audio-visual set / visuals @ LOW END THEORY : STRANGE UTOPIA TOUR KICK-OFF
2010 : audio-visual set / visuals @ IAMALASER : Henry Fonda Theatre
2010 : visuals / organization @ LUCID LANDSCAPES : with Teebs, Rebekah Raff, Austin Peralta

2010 : audio-visual performance of ‘2010’ @ Ann Arbor Film Festival

2009 : visuals / organization / audio-visual performance of ‘2010‘ @ BRAINFEEDER SESSIONS :

featuring Knxwledge, Jeremiah J, Kode 9 : Downtown Independent Theatre LA

2010 : visuals for Flying Lotus @ Coachella 2010

2010 : visuals for BASSFACECoachella 2010

2010 : re-scoring of Heaven and Earth Magic with Flying Lotus : Ann Arbor Film Festival

2010 : audio-visual set with Timeboy @ HOLLYWOOD ART WALK

2010 : audio/visual set with Timeboy @ IAMALASER : featuring Daedelus, the Gaslamp Killer : Downtown LA

2010 : visuals @ TIME SQUARED NYE featuring Flying Lotus : Portland, OR

2009 : visuals @ BASSFACE REWIND featuring Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Gas Lamp Killer, Ras G : Lot 613 Downtown LA

2009 : visuals @ BASSFACE featuring Flying Lotus, Daedelus, 6 Blocc : Downtown LA

2009 : audio/visual set @ DRAGONFLY : featuring Timeboy : Downtown LA

2009 : visuals/event organization @ BRAINFEEDER SESSIONS : featuring Nosaj Thing, Eskmo, Monopoly : Downtown Independent Theatre LA

2009 : visuals @ DANCEISM : featuring Robot Love, ben Optatsu : Echoplex Downtown LA

2009 : visuals/event organization @ BRAINFEEDER SESSIONS : featuring Flying Lotus. Daedelus, Jogger : Downtown Independent Theatre LA

2009 : audio/visuals for BRAINFEEDER SESSIONS : featuring Dorian Concept. Downtown Independent Theatre LA

2009 : visuals for BRAINFEEDER LONDON : featuring Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Joker, Gas Lamp Killer, Dorian Concept, Kode 9, Ques…

2009 : VJ @ THUNDERGROUND, San Francisco MAY

2009 : Flying Lotus and Dr. Strangeloop : audio-visual experience @ DubLab’s Labrat Matinee : Downtown LA Independent Theatre MAY


2009 : visuals and music for BASSFACE, downtown LA MAY: featuring 16-Bit, the Professionals, DLX …

2009 : VJ @ MINDSHARE, downtown LA MAY

2009 : VJ @ Velvet Interactive Playground, downtown LA MAY

2009 : music curator for BreakOpenLA MAY : featuring Mear One, James Mathers, Sasha Borodin, FIRS, Henry from Outer Space, Sxezkoz, Flow Temple, and Remo.

2009 : VJ for FIRS @ Silver Lake Lounge, APRIL

2009 : visuals for PUREFILTH crew : Flying Lotus, Kode 9, Daedelus, Gas Lamp Killer, the Professionals, 6 Blocc, Sam XL @ COACHELLA, APRIL

2009 : VJ for FIRS @ Silver City Studios, MARCH

2009 : featured speaker @ MINDSHARE LA : ‘Media and Shamanism : the art of dr. Strangeloop’

2009 : VJ for Flying Lotus, the Gas Lamp Killer, The Professionals, Martyn, Tony K @ Pure Filth LA FEB

2009 : VJ for Glitch Mob, Ras-G & SamiYam, 2562, Breakage, The Professionals,  Remo, D-Dub, Tony K @ Pure Filth LA FEB

2009 : VJ for Flying Lotus, MRK 1, The Professionals, Tony K @ Pure Filth LA JAN

2009 : Dr. Strangeloop : original compositions performed @ Low End Theory JAN









2008 : VJ for Flying Lotus and the Long Lost @ Low End Theory DEC

2008 : promotional music video for band FIRS ( content)

2008 : VJ / original content for Flying Lotus, Daedelus, the Gaslamp Killer, Kode 9, Hudon Mohawke, SamiYam, RazG @ Brainfeeder LA

2008 : DJ / VJ / Art Director for BreakOpen LA the Institute for Cinema Studies DEC

2008 : guest speaker for ‘Green Screen’ @ Santa Monica College

2008 : DJ / VJ / Art Director for BreakOpen LA the Institute for Cinema Studies NOV

2008 : DJ / VJ for BreakOpen LA the Institute for Cinema Studies DEC

2008 : DJ / VJ / Art Director for EARTH 2.0 SugaCane Lounge, Downtown LA NOV

2008 : Composer, editor, writer and director of EUKI : the psychedelic eco-warrior promo, 3d animated short.

2008 : DJ / VJ / Art Director for EARTH 2.0 SugaCane Lounge, Downtown LA OCT

2008 : Visuals for amsterdam based experimental trio FR.RO.ST

2008 : Composer for Zombie Dasein, experimental film dir. by ISOSCELES

2008 : Visual fx sequences for Karmageddon, starring saul williams, dir. by james mathers.

earth 2.0

2007 : Visuals and Audio for Cephalapodophilia : an *official selection* of the Amsterdam Film Experience

2007 : Visuals and Audio for DjangoBot : the Conscious Adaptor : an *Official Selection* of the Amsterdam Film Experience

2007 : Editor and Co_Producer of EcoSutra documentary on permaculture : screened at Quail Springs Permaculture Institute, CA ; Burning Man, NV

2007 : Visual Designer of the Santa Monica College visionary art campaign to promote Eco-sustainability

2007 : Editor of the ‘Sacred Cats’ Installation (photographed by stanislas klossowski de rola) : for the Balthus Foundation at the Grand Chalet Museum in Switzerland, as a part of ‘Le Mystere des Chats’ (the Mystery of Cats) Exhibition.

2006 : Visual Designer, Editor, Co-Composer, Co-Cinematographer of Din of Celestial Birds (Directed by E. Elias Merhige) : an *Official Selection* of Telluride Film Festival ; an *Official Selection* of the Amsterdam Film Experience ; premiered on Turner Classic Movies ; screened at the Morgan Library and Museum in NY ; the Silent Movie Theatre, CA ; Santa Monica College, CA

2006 : Presented a series of visual works, the Tree People series, Upstairs @ the Market Gallery, CA

2006 : Presented a series of visuals works, the Archetypal Landscapes Series at the Electric Lodge, CA

2006 : Screened the Video Guide to Astral Projection at the Electric Lodge, CA

2006 : Signed to Expanding Electronic Diversity [EED], Internet Music Label : Released § EP ; with additional tracks featured on the EED Compilation Album and the Ascalaphe Remixed EP

2006 : Director and designer of Phoenix Rising, in collaboration with Visual Philosopher Leigh J. McCloskey : Screened at The Bloomsberry Gallery, UK ; The New York Open Center, NY ; Women’s History Month Event, CA ; Pacifica University, CA ; Arena One Gallery, CA ; Esoteric Quest for Central Europe conference, Germany ; Electric Lodge Gallery and Performance Space, CA ; Olandar Foundation, CA

2006 : Director, Editor, Composer of Holographic Landscapes : Synaesthetic Studies of Natural Sequences in Relation to God and Reality : screened Upstairs @ the Market Gallery, CA ; Loyola Merrymount University, CA ; Olandar Foundation, CA

2004-6 : studied mystical states in relation to emerging media at Santa Monica College.

2005 : mentored by visionary instructor Linda Lopez ; involved in the Art Mentors Program at Santa Monica College ; presented more than a dozen experimental shorts and installations at Santa Monica College, including : Hello Elohim : An Exploration of Programming and Being Programmed in the Modern World ; Only Between Equals : A Psychedelic Excursion Through the Mind of an Omniscient Infant ; MetaKinetic Painting 101 : How to Paint With Video Feedback Loops ; Deus Ex MachineGun : the collective dreamscape experiment (in collaboration with artist Jake Zambas) ; Audio design for the Box Installation ; audio design for the 34a Free orchestra ; hosted workshops / lectures on non-linear Narrative.

2005 : Organized and promoted nine Group Exhibitions, featuring such artists as Matt Freund, Steve Ellison (Flying Lotus), hunter Canning, Ariana Tosatto, John Hirschmann, Tenichia Terrell, Nuttaphol Ma, Matt Inai, Liz Comay, Leigh J. McCloskey, and Elan Oatway ; hosted workshops on automatic drawing doodling with patterns 101 : an exploration of mark-making and intuitive pattern recognition

2005 : Formed the improvisational melodic-noise duo made no noise with musician Joseph Kaplan.

2004 : studied film and visual art at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.

2000 : Formed Mr. Scratch the funky math-metal trio with musicians John Thomas and Joseph Kaplan ; performed at Masque 2001 ; Battle of the Bands 2001

1999 : Director and Writer of Check, Please ; an *official selection* of the Malibu Film Festival ; Winner of the American Movie Classic Young Film-Maker’s Award.

1992 : fourth place winner of the International Young Eco-Inventors Competition 😉


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  1. Frank Scurley said, on October 16, 2009 at 1:13 am

    I dont know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    …..Frank Scurley

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