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starting to collage my drawings …

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Recently, the incredible Mary Anne Hobbs featured an exclusive a/v edit and audio mix of my  ‘2010‘ project on her BBC 1 program! ‘2010 : [or] How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Technological Singularity’ is an ever-evolving avant-sci-fi epic about a dystopian alternate universe where an A.I. Deity has become imprisoned within its own Ego. It discovers a transcendental media living within an archaic laptop, which upon viewing, facilitates its spiritual awakening.

visit the Institute for Cinema Studies for more information, and to see how to get your limited edition signed copy of 2010.

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Flying Lotus & Strangeloop : Q & A Pictures from the Ann Arbor Film Festival

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Thank you Ann Arbor Film Festival! It was incredible. Pictures from the Ann Arbor Film Festival facebook page 😀 You can see videos from the event here


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preview stills from the Astral Landscapes : audio/visual experience : premiering 3.20.2010 at the Downtown Independent.


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Reclaim your mind. Catalysts to say what has never been said, to see what has never been seen. To draw, paint, sing, sculpt, dance and act what has never before been done. To push the envelope of creativity and language. And what’s really important is, I call it, the felt presence of direct experience. Which is a fancy term which just simply means to have to stop consuming our culture. We have to create culture. Don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time, where you are now, is the most immediate sector of your universe. And if you’re worrying about Michael Jackson of Bill Clinton or somebody else, you are disempowered. You are giving it all away to icons. Icons which are maintained by electronic media, so that you dress like X and have lips like Y.This is shit-brained kind of thinking. That is all cultural diversion. And what is real is you and your friends, your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your hopes, your plans, and your fears. And we are told no. We are unimportant, we’re peripheral, get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a that, and then you’re a player. You don’t even want to play in the game. You want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that’s being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world.

~ Terence McKenna


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this was so much fun!!!


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“By any measure, we live in an extraordinary and extreme time. Language can no longer describe the world in which we live. With antique ideas and old formulas, we continue to describe a world that is no longer present. In this loss of language, the word gives way to the image as the ‘language’ of exchange, in which critical thought disappears to a diabolic regime of conformity – the hyper-real, the omnipresent image. Language, real place gives way to numerical code, the real virtual; metaphor to metamorphosis; body to disembodiment; natural to supernatural; many to one. Mystery disappears, replaced by the illusion of certainty in technological perfection. Technology, acceleration do not affect our way of living – they are, in effect, our new and comprehensive host of life, the environment of living itself. It is not the effect of technology on the environment, culture, economy, religion, etc., but rather that all these categories exist in technology. In this sense technology is new nature. The living environment, old nature, is replaced by a manufactured milieu, an engineered host – synthetic nature. In a real sense, we are off planet, dwelling on a lunar surface of stone, cement, asphalt, glass, steel and plastics, engulfed in the atmosphere of electromagnetic vibrations – the soothing lullaby of the machine. The common notion tells us that technology is neutral, that we can use it for either good or bad. We do not use technology, we live technology; technology is our way of life. Being sensate entities, we become our environment – we become what we see, what we hear, what we eat, what we smell, what we touch. Where doubt is prohibited, we become, without question, the environment we live in. With our origins based in the natural order, should this context radically change (as I am suggesting), the mysterious nature of the human being shall also radically change – a change that will reflect the transformation of nature itself, at a turning point or vanishing point. Natural diversity becomes a burnt offering, sacrificed to the infinite appetite of technological homogenization. So forget science fiction. We now live the fiction of science. We are now, not in some remote future, cyborgs. We are at one with our environment – we are technology. In this wonderland, freedom becomes the pursuit of our technological happiness. Our standard of living is predicated on commodity consumption, as the shibboleth of the new religion is ‘pray for more’. In vehicles of ecstasy, with cinematic engines of inertia at audiovisual speed, trans-port and tele-port blend into one. The beginning becomes the end. The port disappears in the speed of light. The nanosecond (one billionth of an ‘old second’), technological speed, transforms reality as it creates an ecstatic phenomena of compelling and unparalleled intensity. By human measure, charismatic technique portends the miraculous, as it engenders the condition of ‘exit velocity’ – a condition that blurs human perceptions, shatters all meanings, drains all content and breaks our bonds to earth. All locations are subsumed into the startling terra firma of the image, a demonic conformity that is the genesis of massman. In the shadow of the mass, all previous definitions crumble. The ‘time’ and ‘space’ of history exit to an homogenized zone of no return. In this supernatural implosion of g-force, human moorings give way, sending Homo sapiens out-of-orbit into the void of technological space. The accompanying loss of original habitat and our subsequent relocation into accelerated space, throws nature into catastrophe, as it engenders traumatic stress syndrome as the now normal condition of post-human existence. Technique, while promising comfort and happiness, means power, means control, means conformity, means destiny. Technology creates a condition of war that is at once universal and unseen. The explosive tempo of technology is war; the un-tellable violence of relocation in technology is war. All of us are refugees driven from our human state.” -Godfrey Reggio, director of the Qatsi trilogy.


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Easy Listening for our Future Children is my official follow-up to Are We Lost Mammals, I’ve been working with some really incredible people on it, like the prodigal new Brainfeeder Austin Peralta, Micah Nelson (drummer of the psychedelic freak-out band I highly recommend, Insects vs. Robots), Jonathan Haskell of the post-rock band Seven Saturdays … I’m really excited about this one, I feel a real euphoric wave in it, made of all the rubbish we have to deal with on a daily basis in this hyper-technological din of simulation we called contemporary culture. I can’t wait to hear what you all think.”
-Dr. Strangeloop JAN 2010
Easy Listening for our Future Children will be released in 2010 on Flying Lotus’s
essential Brainfeeder imprint.